What size of LED screen is suitable for conference rooms?

What size of LED screen is suitable for conference rooms?

In the decoration design of modern conference rooms, large LED screens are basically used, mainly to display meeting content, business negotiations, employee training and other information. However, for the choice of display equipment, today’s customers generally no longer use projectors, and more choices are high-definition display devices such as conference all-in-one machines, LCD splicing screens, and LED displays. So, how big a display screen should be used in a conference room, and which large display screen is good? Next, the editor will analyze it from a professional perspective, hoping to provide some help to everyone.

1. Large conference occasions

Generally, large conference rooms and conference halls can accommodate more than 100 people. For such occasions, the space is wide, and the close-up viewing is generally 3 meters away, and the long-distance viewing may be more than ten meters away. Such occasions generally only need to display a picture on the large screen, and the resolution requirements are not so high. More attention is paid to bright colors and integrated display effects of the entire screen. So, for such large conference occasions, it is recommended to use LED display screens as the first choice, because it has high brightness, bright colors, and no seam effect after splicing, and the whole screen displays a large screen. The effect is very good.
The size of the LED display screen is generally determined by the front background wall and the overall space size. For example, for a conference room with a length of 15 meters, a width of 10 meters, and a height of 5 meters, a display screen with a length of 6-7 meters and a height of 3-4 meters can be selected. The specific size should be determined according to the on-site environment and the budget. For the selection of models, a P2 dot pitch LED display screen is generally selected. If the customer wants a higher resolution and clearer display effect, a small pitch LED series can be used, such as P1.86, P1.53, P1.25 and other specifications.

2. Medium-sized conference occasions

For medium-sized conference rooms, the space size is generally between dozens and one hundred square meters, and the number of conference participants is generally between dozens and one hundred. This kind of conference occasion has certain requirements for the size and effect of the large screen, and pays more attention to the display clarity. At this time, an ultra-narrow LCD splicing screen or a small-pitch series of LED displays can be used.
1. LCD splicing screen
An ultra-narrow LCD splicing screen, such as a 0.88mm splicing seam, or a seamless splicing screen can be used, so that the integrated display effect of the large screen can be guaranteed under the condition of clear reality. Because there will be a seam at the joints between the screens, and the smaller the seam, the better the whole screen display effect.
The single screen size of the LCD splicing screen mainly includes 46 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and other specifications. There are two types of 46 and 55 that can achieve ultra-small seams. Generally, the number of splicing is selected according to the size of the conference room space and display requirements, such as 3×4, 3×5, 4×4, 4×6 and other splicing methods.
2. LED screen
It can also be used in medium-sized conference rooms, and LED display screens can also be used, but a small pitch LED series should be selected to ensure that the conference participants who watch at close range can also clearly see the display content on the large screen.
As for how large the display screen is, like large conference occasions, it still depends on the specific space size and display requirements. The difference is that the viewing distance of some medium-sized conference rooms is relatively close, so more attention should be paid to the resolution issue. If the budget is sufficient, it is better to use an LED display screen with a smaller dot pitch.
3. Small conference occasions
Common small conference rooms refer to conference occasions with a space size of no more than 30 square meters, and there will not be many people in the meeting. At this time, the viewing distance between the user and the large screen is generally close, so there is no need for a large display screen. You can choose an all-in-one conference machine, or of course, you can use an LCD splicing screen.

The single screen size of the all-in-one conference machine is 66 inches, 75 inches, 86 inches, 100 inches, and 110 inches. Users can choose according to the specific situation of the conference room. Its advantage is that it can be used as a single screen without splicing. It can be moved with a mobile cart. The single screen has a 4K resolution and a clear display. It has its own computer system and Android system, and can be touched by fingers and written directly on the screen. In actual use, in addition to displaying computer signals, it can also be used as a handwriting board, supporting wireless screen transmission, realizing one machine for multiple uses, and making the entire conference room simpler.