What is GOB packaging technology?

What is GOB packaging technology?

What is GOB packaging technology?

GOB packaging technology is a packaging technology launched to address the issue of LED bead protection. It uses advanced transparent materials to encapsulate the PCB substrate and LED packaging unit, forming effective protection. It is equivalent to adding a layer of protection in front of the original LED module, which can achieve high protection functions, achieving waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, anti-collision, anti-static, salt spray, oxidation resistant, blue light resistant, and vibration resistant effects.

What are the advantages of GOB packaging technology?

1. GOB process advantage: It is a highly protective LED display screen that can achieve eight protections: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, dustproof, anti-corrosion, blue light proof, salt proof, and anti-static. And it will not have harmful effects on heat dissipation and brightness loss. Long and rigorous testing has shown that shielding adhesive can even help dissipate heat, reduce the rate of lamp bead necrosis, make the screen more stable, and thus extend its service life.

2. Through GOB process processing, the granular pixel dots on the surface of the original lamp panel have been transformed into an overall flat lamp panel, achieving a transformation from point light source to surface light source. The product emits more evenly, the display effect is clearer and transparent, and the visual angle of the product is greatly improved (both horizontal and vertical can reach nearly 180 °), effectively eliminating moir é patterns, significantly improving product contrast, reducing glare and glare, and reducing visual fatigue.

What is the difference between COB and GOB?

The main difference between COB and GOB is in terms of technology. Although the surface of COB packaging is flat and the protection is better than traditional SMD packaging, GOB packaging adds a glue filling process on the surface of the screen, making its LED bead more stable, greatly reducing the possibility of lamp drop, and having stronger stability.

Which is the advantage between COB and GOB?

If there is no standard for determining whether COB or GOB is good, there are many factors that determine whether a packaging process is good or not. The key lies in which point we value, whether it is the efficiency of LED beads or the protection. Therefore, each packaging technology has its advantages and cannot be generalized.

When we choose to use COB packaging or GOB packaging in practice, we need to consider comprehensive factors such as our own installation environment and runtime, and this also relates to cost control and differences in display effects.