The maintenance method of LED screen

The maintenance method of LED screen

With the continuous development of the LED screen industry, the application of LED screens in various industries has become more and more widely used. What do you need to pay attention to when you use the LED screen everywhere on the street? How to make a maintainance for LED screen? Below I have listed some methods for you. Let’s take a look.

1. Generally speaking, LED displays are subject to regular security maintenance. For general size LED display, “weekly maintenance” is used.

2. The LED screen is composed of boards and components. These components have high requirements for humidity. Anything with moisture is a “killer” for the LED display screen, causing short circuit and corrosion of the components. This may cause damage to the LED screen. Make a maintainence to make sure the humidity of the environment where the LED display is used;

3. Dust is a natural enemy of electronic equipment. Some LED displays with lower protection levels, especially outdoor screens, is particularly easy to invade. It will accelerate the damage of the components in the LED display, so the regular cleaning work of the display screen is crucial;

4. When the rainy season comes, many users’ LED display will not be used for a long time, one week or even a month. In fact, when the LED display is not used for a long time, it will lead to internal moisture, which will lead to short circuits of the machine. The correct way is to use the LED display at least once a week;

5. When the LED display screen is played for a long time, all-white, all-red, all-blue and other bright colors may cause the internal current to be too large, the LED light is damaged, which will cause the LED display to decrease;

6. The surface of the LED display is composed of lamp beads. During the schedule, be sure to avoid sharp weapon contacting the LED display;