Tenled’s Team Activity Douban Garden

Tenled’s Team Activity Douban Garden

In order to better stimulate employees’ work passion and establish positive communication, all Tenled employees held a team activity at DouBan Garden on May 11st.

On Saturday afternoon, we arrived at Douban Garden. First we looked at the beautiful scenery here. The style of the garden is very delicate and artistic, making people feel very comfortable. There are many flowers and plants planted here, and the smoke is filled, like a fairyland. There are swings, cherry blossoms, and blessings.

Then we found a quiet place to make afternoon tea and share our experiences with each other. We studied the book Advantage Negotiation together. Combining our business experience in the first half of the year, we have a lot of feelings and inspire each other.

This team activity showcased Tenled’s corporate style, enhancing team awareness and employees’ sense of responsibility and belonging. All of our Tenled employees were physically and mentally relaxed, and the fatigue of daily work was also washed away. The emotions between employees were also deeper. Therefore,this party was an unforgettable experience.

We, Tenled, will work together to overcome all difficulties and become more proficient in our future work. We will trust each other, work together, and create brilliance together!