Tenled’s Team Activity NO.1-Guangdong Baodun Lake Hushan Hot Spring Resort Tour

Tenled’s Team Activity NO.1-Guangdong Baodun Lake Hushan Hot Spring Resort Tour

In order to better stimulate employees’ work passion and establish positive communication, all Tenled employees held a team activity at the Guangdong Baodun Lake Hushan Hot Spring Resort on August 26th and 27th.

On Saturday afternoon, we arrived at the hotel. Although it rained heavily, it did not affect the excitement of our employees. After the rain subsided, we were excited and put on our swimsuits to embark on our vacation. Firstly, we warmed up in the swimming pool, had water fights, and played in the bubble pool. Then, we started exploring the hot spring projects in the resort. On the way, we experienced a fish therapy program. Densely packed small fish gathered around our feet, clearing the dead skin and feeling itchy and comfortable. Then it was halftime, and we tasted many delicious foods, such as sugar water, watermelons, etc. After we replenished our energy, we continued to enjoy various hot springs. It was soon evening and we went to a nearby farm for a sumptuous dinner. After dinner, we continued to soak in the hot springs. Until the drowsiness struck, we fell asleep comfortably and contentedly. This is the reason why we attended this team activity.

The Sunday morning was still sunny, and we got up early to have breakfast. Although it rained slightly midway, it didn’t affect our expectations for the upcoming itinerary. After the rain stopped, we went cycling around the entire lake and mountain. In the remaining time, we had another round of pool frolicking. After a satisfying lunch, we embarked on the journey back.

This team activity showcased Tenled’s corporate style, enhancing team awareness and employees’ sense of responsibility and belonging. All of our Tenled employees were physically and mentally relaxed, and the fatigue of daily work was also washed away. The emotions between employees were also deeper. Therefore,this party was an unforgettable experience.

We, Tenled, will work together to overcome all difficulties and become more proficient in our future work. We will trust each other, work together, and create brilliance together!