New innovation – LED spherical screen 1

New innovation – LED spherical screen 1

1. What is LED spherical screen?

The flat display of conventional display screens will cause aesthetic fatigue if you look at them too much. Coupled with the diversified needs in the market, innovative products such as LED spherical screen has been derived. LED spherical screen is a new type of spherical display screen, which can watch the content displayed on the screen in all directions in 360 degrees, thus bringing a new visual experience. And the picture quality is delicate, and the picture has a strong sense of three-dimensionality.

2. Composition of LED spherical screen

LED spherical screen is mainly composed of five parts: spherical bracket, LED module, LED module, controller, and power supply.

1. Ball bracket

Playing a supporting role, the LED module is installed and covered on the surface of the spherical bracket, and spliced into a spherical display.

2. LED module

The core display part of the LED spherical screen is the LED module. The LED module is composed of a large number of LED lamp beads. The LED lamp beads can be combined into different display screens according to different display requirements.

3. LED module

The LED module is a complete LED lamp assembly, which includes LED modules, general photoelectric converters, controllers and power supplies, which are the basic structure of LED spherical screen and can display various images.

4. Controller

The role of the controller is to control the brightness and color changes of the LED lamp beads, so that the display effect of the LED spherical screen is real and vivid.

5. Power supply

It is composed of a power cord and a power module. The power cord connects the power module with the LED module so as to transmit the power to the LED module to realize the display of the LED spherical screen.

Others include some accessories, such as mounting brackets, mounting brackets, distribution boxes, video players, etc. Some of these accessories are optional, which can help the LED spherical screen power supply safety, as well as installation, maintenance and replacement, so as to ensure the normal operation of the spherical screen. use.

3. LED spherical screen display principle

Like conventional LED displays, LED spherical screen is also self-illuminating displays. Different full-color images are displayed by changing the color of the LED lamp beads and different combinations of on and off. The LED lamp beads are packaged with RGB pixels, and each group of pixels can produce different colors. The LED spherical screen is composed of three parts: data acquisition system, control system, and display system. The direction of the data signal is: peripheral equipment—DVI graphics card—data sending card—data receiving card—LED module—spherical screen. The signal starts from the HUB adapter board and is connected to the LED module through the cable to complete the data transmission.

4. Development prospect of LED spherical screen

On the one hand, with the daily use of LED displays, the price of conventional display products is gradually decreasing, and the competition among industries is becoming more and more prominent. Moreover, the barriers to entry are low, leading to further intensification of competition. On the other hand, the market capacity of low-end and medium-end conventional display screens is already overcapacitated. It is the increasingly severe market competition that has prompted many LED display manufacturers to play the game of product differentiation. Only by starting with differentiation can we win market competitiveness and seize market opportunities.

On the other hand, the traditional LED display is square and square, most of which are mainly rectangular, and there is not much newness in appearance, and the public has serious aesthetic fatigue for this type of display. This obviously does not match the current highly informatized and digital age. Therefore, the market development of creative display came into being. LED spherical screen is one of them. More commercial display occasions and industry designers have also begun to integrate LED spherical screens into their design concepts, which will also drive LED spherical screen to enter wider and higher-end market applications.

Compared with conventional display screens, LED spherical screens are still a “niche” market at present, but with the improvement of relevant industrial policies in the industry, the domestic digital creative industry will also usher in a broad market space. With the gradual popularization of the LED spherical screen market, both individual enterprises and large brand manufacturers can use the LED spherical screen to introduce products and decorate the environment, bringing more economic benefits.