Common LED screen installation method

Common LED screen installation method

Mosaic installation method
The embedded type is to install a steel structure on the wall, and then embed the LED display with the added steel structure as a supporting point. Because it is embedded in the wall, no other supports are needed. It is usually installed in the building. facade.

Wall mounting method
This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors. The display area of the screen is small, and generally there is no maintenance channel space. The entire screen can be removed for maintenance, or it can be made into a foldable integrated frame. The screen area is slightly larger, and the front maintenance design is generally adopted (that is, the front maintenance design, usually using the column assembly method).

Step installation method
The application method of the stepped type is as its name suggests. It is mainly installed on the steps (facade). Through color changes, it can produce a sense of high-end and gorgeous effects. Generally, the best observation distance is three meters away for the best effect. .

This installation method is mostly used indoors and semi-outdoors. It is generally used at the entrances of passages and corridors, as well as at the entrances of stations, railway stations, subway entrances, etc. It is also used for traffic guidance on roads, railways, and highways. The screen design is generally Adopt an integrated cabinet design or a hoisting structure design.

Roof installation method
Wind resistance is the key to this installation method. It is usually installed at an inclined angle, or the module is designed with an inclined angle of 8°, and is mostly used for outdoor advertising displays.

Suspension installation method
The suspended type generally uses the well-designed steel structure on site to hang the LED display screen body on it. Since it is easy to install and does not require wall support, it has obvious advantages in short-term or temporary use. However, long-term use is not conducive to stability, so it is generally used for On stages, performances, or exhibitions and other performance activities.

Column installation method
The reason for using the column type is usually that there is no surrounding steel structure or wall as a support point, or it may be because the workplace has high requirements for steel structures. This type of product is usually used in areas such as outdoor streets or highways. .