Applications and advantages of LED flexible screen

Applications and advantages of LED flexible screen

We know that as LED displays become more and more creative, LED displays are constantly innovating and reforming in order to more perfectly meet these creative needs. LED flexible screen is a product that is designed to achieve a variety of shapes. . So what is LED flexible screen? Under what circumstances are LED flexible screens often used?

The LED flexible screen uses a flexible FPC circuit board, and uses rubber materials to make the mask and bottom case. Together with a series of special designs such as special locks and link devices, it is possible to ensure the flexibility of the LED display screen to complete other ordinary screens. Unachievable curved form. In addition, in the past, traditional LED displays used screws, frame fixation and other large-scale installation methods, while the installation method of LED flexible screens is as simple as sticking a piece of paper on the wall. Due to its very light weight, LED flexible screens are often installed using magnet adsorption, pasting and other methods, which simplifies the installation and disassembly process, allowing customers to easily complete the installation work themselves, greatly reducing the burden of use. Such characteristics make it easy to use LED flexible screens when facing some buildings where traditional LED displays are difficult to fully fit, such as curved walls, columns and other irregular special locations.

In order to solve this practical need, some already have flexibility, and foldable and bendable flexible displays have begun to appear and become popular. Next, let us take a look at where LED flexible screens will be applied!

Cylindrical LED display. In some hotels, conference rooms, bars, etc., many columns are cylindrical. Designers designed these pillars into display screens to play some special videos to enhance the level of decoration or create a special atmosphere. Screen production is very complicated, and LED flexible screen is more convenient.

If the curvature of  curved LED screen is very small and the curvature is internal, the traditional LED hard screen can be used. As long as the steel structure of the display screen is made into a curved shape, and then the traditional hard module is installed. However, it is impossible to use hard LED screens for construction with large arcs or outer arcs. At this time, a flexible LED display can easily complete the construction.

Usage scenarios for some special-shaped flexible LED displays, such as waveforms, strips, etc. for stage design. Widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising factories and mines, transportation, education systems, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, etc., industrial enterprise management, etc. LED flexible screens can be used in public places.