3D LED screen 1

3D LED screen 1

With the increasingly diverse application scenarios of LED display screens, the audience’s requirements for them are gradually increasing. People’s sensory experience is no longer satisfied with ordinary flat two-dimensional displays, but yearns for a three-dimensional view that restores the real world. Therefore, naked eye 3D LED screen with an immersive feeling have emerged.

3D LED screen is a display that can display 3D effects visible to the naked eye without the need for professional glasses. This screen provides extremely realistic 3D effects that can perfectly display content and attract the attention of passersby. 3D LED display screens are a new generation of energy-saving products with finer and clearer images, richer colors, and prominent 3D space.

Currently, 3D LED screen is becoming popular and used for outdoor advertising. Many screens in the world that use 3D advertising technology leave consumers amazed.

Essentially, the 3D LED screen that can display 3D effects is still a 2D LED screen. When playing a video on a flat screen, even 3D content cannot create a 3D appearance. To achieve a 3D appearance, we need to install two LED screens side by side at a 90° angle.

The flat 3D LED screen only displays images once. But when we install two LED screens side by side, it can display the front view on the right screen and the left view on the left screen. When playing a video, users can simultaneously view both sides of the image. Therefore, when users view objects with more dimensions, it creates a sense of 3D space.

3D LED screen has many advantages:

      1. Adopting the latest virtual 3D processing technology in the world, the high depth of field effect can reach 3 meters, allowing people to obtain vivid 3D visual effects when viewed directly with the naked eye.
      2. Ultra high definition, with a maximum resolution of 1080P, just like watching high-definition TV.
      3. Energy saving: After optimization, the product greatly reduces the heating of the circuit, and can save more than 30-70% of electricity compared to ordinary LED displays of the same type.
      4. The optimization of the internal circuit of the silent power supply greatly reduces the power consumption of the product, eliminates the cooling mode of the electric fan, and makes the product work in a silent state, especially suitable for occasions with high environmental noise requirements.
      5. With the help of 16bit high grayscale grading and 5000:1 high contrast, incredible rich colors were achieved.
      6. With the help of ultra-high refresh rate and strong color temperature automatic balancing technology, the image quality is optimal and highly stable.


    The emergence of naked eye stereoscopic imaging products is a qualitative leap in the field of imaging, a technological revolution in the field of imaging, and of great significance for driving the development of China’s imaging industry. It will become a new economic growth point in the field of 3D LED screen imaging.

    The vast market prospect, infinitely expanding market space, digital application technology, and mature and complete process technology have given three-dimensional image products like 3D LED screen strong and infinite vitality, and their market prospects are immeasurable.

    The emergence of stereoscopic imaging technology is another technological revolution in the field of imaging, after replacing black and white with color. It is also a future trend in the development of the television and 3D LED screen industries. Mastering naked eye stereoscopic imaging technology is the golden key to the development of the imaging industry.